ESTA NOCHE is out now!

June 14, 2019




The Italian singer and songwriter Denise Faro released today her new single.

(into the night) 




Denise tells us:
“Esta Noche” represents a new era for my music.
I have been looking for a new sound able to respect my taste and my origins for several years.
One day, not that long ago, I received an email from an Australian Company “1&2”, with attached a song.
They were looking for a singer with a good carrier, able to write and sing in Spanish.
I have to be honest, I receive a lot of emails like that every week, and not always I have the time to open them and actually listen to the songs.
That one, tho, was special, I knew I had to open it.
I didn't even get to the end of the song and I emailed them back saying
“ I LOVED IT! Let’s start writing!!”
And well here you have the results!






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ESTA NOCHE is out now!

June 14, 2019

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