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Hi! I'm an Italian singer/songwriter who lives in Los Angeles and sings in Spanish πŸ€·πŸ»‍♀️.

I started my career performing in musical theater playing Juliet in Riccardo Cocciante’s “Juliet and Romeo Opera”.

I was also a Disney star for a part of my life, I got to play “Gabriella Montez” in the Italian adaptation of High School Musical

In between my theater career and my music passion, I liked to "play" the actress role πŸ˜‰ 

and it turned out pretty good, my feature film debut was in the 2007 “Come tu mi Vuoi”, and that was the start of another huge part of my life!

But my biggest accomplishment (yet) was winning the International singing competition called "Viña del Mar" with my own original song “Grazie a te” ☺️

Since I moved to the USA I was able to go back to my first love, the musical theater, playing Beatriz in The Postman 2015 and keeping going with my acting career "Soccer and Drinks" - 2018/2020,  “The Dark Tapes” and “Papa” - 2018 


This year I had the honor to open VASCO ROSSI' concert in Sansiro!!

Check out my Spotify 😘